Silver brush 2017

Silver brush 2017

Friday the 4th of august the Rijnsburg Oranje Exposition was opened in ‘brasserie de Burgt’ in Rijnsburg. It was already the 40th edition of this exposition, where 25 artists from Rijnsburg and Valkenburg showed their work.

The presentation was done by the president of the Oranje Vereniging Rijnsburg, Robert Jan Heemskerk. He emphasized that the quality of the work is getting higher every year. A lot of people enjoy their hobby, are taking classes en like to participate an exposition like this. The Silver brush was won by Lisette Hogewoning for her collages made of paper.

The juryreport said: “This artist has courage. She tells a story. You can feel the mediaworld vibrate in it. This art is really something modern. Every time you look at it, you see something different and still it is only one image. It is surprising and daring and yet it seems so simple and up close. The jury is proud to grant the first price and Silver brush to Lisette Hogewoning”

Do you want to visit the exposition? That is possible until the 25th august 2017 in gemeenschapshuis de Burgt, burg Koopmansplein 1 in Rijnsburg.