Baalbergen encouragementprice 2017

Baalbergen encouragementprice 2017

Since 1971 furniture shop ‘Baalbergen’ in Katwijk organizes expositions in their store. Meanwhile more than 250 artists had the opportunity to show their work. Often the more experienced/professional artists showed their work. Because Baalbergen finds it also very important to give a chance to talented artists who just started, they introduced the ‘Baalbergen encouragementprice’.

This drew my attention and I decided to give it a go. I sent in 5 pictures of my work. After an exciting period of waiting, I got the message at the 24th of june, that I was one of the 4 artists nominated.  Together with Irene Kurpershoek (paintings), VELDHORST (paper art) en Marijke Schipper (Quilts) I could show my work in the special exposition area in the shop of Baalbergen.

At the 15th of july the exposition was opened and at the same time they would announce the winner. Because the works of the other 3 were quit imposing, I did not think that I had a serious change to win this. You can imagine how big my surprise and joy was, the moment they called my name as the winner.

I am proud, happy and honoured, that I won this price, simply by doing what I love most. When I resigned my job 1,5 year ago to follow my dream, I could not have though, that things would go on this rollercoaster.

If you want to see the exposition, you can every tuesday-saturday from 10:00-17:00 uur at Baalbergen, Ambachtsweg 13 in Katwijk.