A collage is an art form, which uses images and words from others to create a new composition. I start with a stack of magazines, start browsing , tearing and sliding until I have created the image I had in mind. In a collage you can see wrinkles and white tear edges, but they belong to this form of art. My source of inspiration is the American artist Derek Gores. The collages I make are very personal,



It is also possible to buy a Metal print reproduction of one of my paintings or collages. These reproductions are made of  1,5 mm aluminium with a coating. (more…)


It is a possibility to organize a workshop with your friends, family,collegues etc. A workshop will last 2,5 hours. The workshop will be on location, which means that I will come to your house, company, etc. If this is not possible, we will search together for an alternative location.   (more…)