A collage is an art form, which uses images and words from others to create a new composition. I start with a stack of magazines, start browsing , tearing and sliding until I have created the image I had in mind. In a collage you can see wrinkles and white tear edges, but they belong to this form of art. My source of inspiration is the American artist Derek Gores. The collages I make are very personal,

 which means that I have to get to know the person (or object) better, by means of an interview with the client. After that I go to work; search images, text and clippings from various magazines and combine these with personal stuff (like photo’s, birth announcements etc.) which I get from the client. The result is a portret made from things referring to the person. My goal is not to make a portret which resembles this person a 100%, but to capture the essence of the person.


The price for a personal collage (excl VAT):

20 x 20/30 cm
€ 50,-
30 x 40 cm
€ 200,-
40 x 50 cm
€ 300,-
50 x 50 cm
€ 350,-
50 x 60 cm
€ 350,-
50 x 70 cm
€ 400,-
60 x 80 cm
€ 500,-
70 x 90 cm
€ 599,-
90 x 90 cm
€ 650,-
90 x 120 cm
€ 750,-


Metal print

It is also possible to buy a reproduction on Metal print of an existing collage  More information about this product, click here

Do you want to know more about a collage especially for you, please contact me by using the contactform.


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